About Us

One of the fastest growing programs in the Midwest, we are a competitive volleyball club for players ages 8-19 located in Springfield, Illinois. We currently train girls to compete throughout the midwest with our top teams competing on the National Level. 

We offer lessons, group training sessions, youth volleyball leagues, training teams, regional travel and of course national exposure, while keeping costs to a reasonable and yet competitive amount. 

Besides training young women, we offer training opportunities for our male players as well. 

We are located at The 8th Street Gym”  at 1401 N. 8th Street, Springfield, IL 62702.

We have recently expanded into a new facility, “The Gym” at 1823 Camp Lincoln Rd., Springfield, IL. 

Shock prides itself on a mission of a very competitive club with family values and drive to improve each individual player as well as the teams. We are a program that believes in our core standards and values.

  • 1. Family and Faith

  • 2. Commitment to your team & teammates

  • 3. Commitment to your growth as a player.

(Competitive atmosphere with hard work, hustle and dedication to the process and a strong, talented coaching staff.

  • 2010: Shock started as a concept from a locally run developmental club in Athens. The early years consisted of mostly regional teams and anywhere from 30-50 girls in the club.

  • 2014:  I brought our current Director and my friend John Komnick on board to work closely in the development of the club. We have since grown to over 300 players and 30 teams traveling the midwest and nationally. With the growth has come success on the national level and the placement of several girls in the collegiate ranks.

  • 2019: 17 Under AAU National Runner-Up, 2021- 17 Under AAU National Runner-Up, 2021- 15 Under 3rd Place at Nationals, 2012- 5th Place 16 Under at Nationals, 13 Under 13th at Nationals.