Cost depends on level of team and amount of travel. National UA teams are always the most expensive and league teams are very economical. We have several levels from UA National team, Elite, Premier, Select and Regional.

The only requirements to play are show up, register, have a good attitude and be willing to work. You must complete the waivers and complete any registrations or fees

That commits you to the full payment for the season of travel whether you finish the season or not. It also binds you to the Shock and you are not allowed by USAV rules to join another team without our permission.

Yes, you need comfortable volleyball shoes, Under Armour  knee pads, black spandex, and practice shirts. This can all be purchased on our team stores.

 We range anywhere from 9-11 players. When we have 11 or more we do our best to throw in another tournament to allow all the opportunity for more playing time.
A normal travel season has 5 tournaments and the national teams receive as many as 6 with the nationals, but their fees are much more.
We believe in you earn your playing time and that is from several factors. Attendance, effort, are you coachable and sometimes it just comes down to talent and situation. But we do try to get playing time for all players in most situations.
We always say school functions come first, but if you are done we expect you to make an effort to attend practice. Weekend practices are mandatory and if you miss a significant amount of practice that could and most likely will affect your playing time.
We have payment plans and in most situations can adapt some to fit your needs.
We go by age in our groupings and we believe that staying with your age group always benefits the player and the team. It rare occasions do we need to move a player to round out a team or works best for all involved.
We travel as far north as Milwaukee, we've been to  Kansas City, Nashville, Tn.,and Indianapolis as mostly the limit to our travel distance. Nationals are in Orlando
Yes, We do not provide transportation
Yes we encourage school sports, but playing two travel teams at the same time could require tough choices.
Practice twice a week and tournaments on weekends. 
Go to the registration button on our website and follow the directions.

League only season is from late February to first weekend in May.

Travel youth is usually November to May for regular season and on into June for National teams.  The same mostly for high school travel. 



We always say school ball comes first. We try to move practices to Sunday, never play a weekend they have Junior High ball and usually start playing after their season to the best of our ability, obviously there are exceptions. To avoid issues with weekly practice we convert during this time to a skills practice open a couple times during the week to those with no conflict. They just come to the ones they are open to get their practice time. If they choose not to come, that is their loss and we expect them to make best efforts.